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Site Status

Just as an FYI - as I posted to the FA Twitter, we have put out a few quotes and bids on alternative hosting for other colos. We find the current situation to be unacceptable, and do not approve of how things are being handled.

While we we do not have new information at this time, we're checking into and examining all available options.

Update 1 - 02DEC@12:01 EST
We've found a solid co-location facility in Montreal, Canada. I am waiting to hear back from some other quotes at this time.

Update 2 - 02DEC@13:55 EST
Talking to two other colos - one of which is in walking distance from my apartment. They local one is offering a deal that may be "too good to be true" due to recent expansion (they're trying to fill space ASAP, so the deal may be legit) but we're investigating it. It *is* from a legit company that's been in business for 10+ years, so... we'll check it out.

More detail as follows. We're not rushing into this, and we want to do things right.

Update 3 - 02DEC@18:41 EST
I have a scheduled tour of a new colo tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. If it's as good as everything appears to be be, this will not only be a professional colo/hosting solution (with a promised 99.9% uptime backed by an SLA) but will save Fur Affinity quite a bit of money annually.

We will keep you informed.

NOTE: I know we're even not three days into this outage (Outagegate), but I would like to re-iterate one thing: this will NOT be an issue like last August. We will not need donations, nor ask for them. If anybody tells you otherwise you have our permission to slap them.
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