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furaffinity's Journal

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Furaffinity Status
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Anybody , Moderated
LJ Community containing information relating directly to the operations or status of FurAffinity or FurAffinity Forums.

Community Rules:

  • Harassment, Trolling or other Malicious Behavior (this includes swearing at other users).
  • Spamming.
  • Images in posts. Links okay. Emotes smaller than 20x20 excepted.
  • Linking to warez

  • Keep the community PG.
  • Links may contain mature/adult material, but must be labeled with NSFW or some other appropriate label.

Failing to adhere to these rules will get you banned. Simple as that.

Moderation Notes:

The community is now moderated. These are guidelines (not hard and fast rules) as to what will and won't be allowed.

What is acceptable:

What is NOT acceptable:
  • Posts announcing auctions, trades, requests or commissions. We recommend using the Art Exchange and Black Market forums.
  • Posts asking or complaining about the site. It's not that we don't want criticism or questions. It's just that doing it here is kind of pointless. You're going to get a much better response on the forums. Or here: furaffinitytalk
  • Spam

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